Deemed Contracts

As the water market changes non-household customers will be transitioning from their current wholesaler to a water retailer when the market opens to competition in April.  This could result in no change whatsoever if you remain with your current supplier. But customers of companies who have decided not to participate in the water retail market will move onto a ‘deemed contract’ with another retailer.  The retailer will take on the responsibility for managing the water and wastewater service for your business.


Customers have the choice to select a new supplier and a new contract when the market opens, and if they don’t the deemed contact will cover them for their water and/or wastewater services. 

What this means

There's no need to worry as you won't be charged more, although by failing to enter in to a contract you may miss out on potential price reductions and new services.


In the interim a deemed contract provides you with a level of protection as you cannot be charged more than your current rates.  It also protects levels of service as you must be given at least the default minimum level of service. 

Do you want to avoid Deemed Contracts?

By comparing rates from other suppliers you can save money and obtain enhanced services.



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