Technical Services

Our Water Review service confirms your supply details, billing history and carries out an initial assessment of your internal processes for water usage.


It helps to identify essential use and unnecessary waste. It also reveals errors in billing and supply details

In contrast to our Water Review, our Technical Services department provides a detailed forensic analysis of your water supplies.


We carry out an exhaustive examination of your bills and check for errors and overcharging in tariffs and consumption. We verify whether waste water and surface drainage charges are applicable and are being levied at the correct levels. If mistakes or overcharging are identified, we will work with you and your water supplier to resolve the issues and secure a credit or refund.


No upfront fees or charges are made for this service, and if we are not able to secure any savings for you there will no charge.

  • Validate Bills
  • Check Supply Details
  • Reduce Water Usage
  • Find Better Tariffs
  • Improve water & drainage infrastructure



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