Water Buying and Water Management Group


The Water Action Group lets businesses, charities and other third sector groups purchase water collectively – reducing bills and saving water.

We have successfully operated an Energy Buying Group (Basket) since 2010 and with the advent of water deregulation we have engaged with a number of Water Retailers who are willing to tender on a group buying basis (basket).


Several water suppliers have agreed to provide group pricing for the EAG (Energy Action Group) members. The key is, the higher the volume the higher the potential discount.


The Water Action Group will also offer a range of water efficiency advice and help businesses to identify and correct current and historic billing problems.


Water billing and supply can be complex and the traditional response from water companies to supply problems has been to place the burden of proof on the shoulders of the customer. For example, should you be paying for the same amount of water you bring in to your business that you send to drainage? Are you paying for elements of surface drainage that rightly don't pertain to your circumstances?


The Water Action Group can represent your interests in identifying and rectifying these issues.


We work in partnership with a host of organisations of all sizes to cut water costs whilst reducing water cosumption.



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