Trade Effluent

Trade Effulent charges are not applicable to every business. Charges are only made to sites where discharged water requires treatment. The charges are based on the type of effluent being discharged. For example. A launderette would pay more than a car wash or a swiimng poll that backwashes waste water.



Trade effluent charges

The cost of collecting, treating and disposing of trade effluent depends on the volume of effluent discharged and the strength of the wastewater. Water suppliers assess the volume and strength of trade effluent before it enters the sewers.


Calculating charges for trade effluent

Charges are based on the Mogden formula. This takes into account the following costs (as relevant):

  • collection
  • primary treatment
  • biological treatment
  • treatment and disposal into the sea
  • biological oxidation of settled sewage
  • treatment and disposal of primary sludge

The formula takes into account the level of treatment needed for trade effluent from a particular customer. This means that customers pay less for wastewater that is cleaner, and so easier to treat.



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