How is a Water Bill calculated?

Most businesses today have water meters. If this is the case in your premises, then you will pay for your water through a standing charge (which depends on the size of your meter) and a volumetric rate. The consumption is measured in cubic metres. Tariffs can run anywhere from £0.75 to £2.00 per M3.


However, if you do not have a water meter your bill is not based on how much water you use but is usually made up of a fixed charge (the ‘standing charge’) and a charge related to the rateable value of your property. The fixed charge covers things like billing and customer service costs. It is good to be aware that you may not be best served by paying on a ‘rateable value’ basis.

Water Supply Costs


You’ll have to pay for any water your business uses, and for the drainage of water and effluent (liquid waste) from your premises.


Ofwat regulates the water industry in England and Wales. There are different regulators in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


How you’ll be charged

Businesses are usually charged for water and sewerage services on the basis of the amount of water they use, and the amount of wastewater and trade effluent they discard.


You’ll be charged either:

  • for the water you use, plus a set charge (if you’ve got a meter)
  • a set amount, usually based on the rateable value of your property

Sewerage and Effluent Costs


Sewerage services have four main activities, which are for collecting and treating:

  • foul sewage
  • surface water drainage
  • highway drainage
  • trade effluent

Charges for foul sewage and trade effluent are based on the amount (and strength for trade effluent) discharged. Companies currently have different approaches to charging for surface water drainage and highway drainage.


If you can demonstrate that you do not receive any of these services apart from highway drainage you should be entitled to a reduction in charges.


You’ll be charged for any ‘foul sewerage’ (such as wastewater from a toilet or kitchen) and drainage from your property. The amount you pay is usually linked to how much water you use.


You’ll also have to pay for any effluent (liquid waste) you produce. Effluent is water contaminated with things like:

  • fats, oils and grease
  • chemicals
  • food waste

The amount your water supplier will charge is usually based on the amount and strength of the effluent before it reaches the sewer.



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