Waste Water

Generally speaking you are billed for the same amount of water you send out (waste water) in as you take in, although normally at a different rate.


However, there are often circumstances when you will be using water onsite and not discharging it as part of your waste water.


Examples are: drinks companies using water in their products, golf courses watering greens, horticultural companies watering plants. We also are aware of companies converting water into steam, using industrial processes, food processes, restaurants and many more.


If you think you are being charged incorrectly and are not currently obtaining credit for waste water discharge then please contact us. But please note, it is essential that a concise and comprehensive forensic report is compiled with corroborating evidence before approaching your supplier. Claiming refunds from water suppliers can often be an adversarial process with the burden of proof resting firmly on the shoulders of the applicant.


Right Water could help you mount a successful challenge and handle the appeal process on your behalf. Thousands of companies have successfully claimed refunds of many thousands of pounds.


Amongst our services we can:

  • Verify if you qualify for a reduction in waste water charges
  • Analyse your surface water drainage charges
  • Confirm your water meter specifications
  • Validate your trade effluent discharges and billing.
  • Validate your business rateable value

Do you think you are, or have been, overcharged for water?

Give us a call or drop us a line. We can help you.



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