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Water in England


Is Water going to be cheaper in 2019?

New water prices to be announced in 2019

Ofwat will announce new prices for water for businesses in England in 2019.


After the deregulation of the water market, there has been little difference in prices, with reductions in the region of 1% to 4%. However, this is about to change.


Some businesses have benefited from simplified billing with a single bill for all water services as well as improved customer service, but prices have remained roughly where they were before 2017. 


Ofwat may decide to change that.

How will the market work?

The Water Market works in a similar way to the gas and electricity markets. Water Retailers (Licensed Providers) buy from water wholesalers and 'add value' to their offering with enhanced features such as unified billing and an enhanced product range.


At the time of writing there are around 20 water retail companies made up of existing suppliers and a variety of new entrants. One point to mention is that some existing water companies have chosen to operate solely in the wholesale market and will not participate in the retails market. If you are a customer of one of these then you will be moved to a new supplier. Don't be surprised if you see a new name on your water bill. You won't be adversely affected by this and your rates will remain the same. However, you may not receive the most advantageous terms on offer.

What can I do?

You first need to collate and review your historic billing


You may find you have underpaid or overpaid in the past, leaving you with a potential bill to pay when you move to a new supplier, or perhaps be due a rebate.

Confirm your supply details:

Your site address, meter serial number and billing address need to be checked for accuracy.


Read your meters: It is important to ensure any transfer of supply is accurate.

What are the benefits?

  • A reduction in tariffs of between 1% to 5%
  • Bundled offerings of water, sewer and trade effluent (where applicable)
  • Flexible and consolidated billing for multiple sites
  • Unified multi-site billing
  • Improved levels of customer service
  • Water management services
  • Water efficiency services

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The map below shows current Water Wholesalers



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