Water Management

Saving water makes eminent sense.


Wastage occurs for many reasons. Some are as simple as defective or badly maintained equipment, others relate to human behaviour or poor planning and infrastructure. Water wastage costs mount rapidly. The fact is that you are charged twice for all the water that passes through your meter because you are billed for the same volume going out also. Therefore, reductions in consumption can result in significant cost reductions. When you add to this the fact that you may well have paid to heat this water it is not hard to see the benefits of reducing your consmption.


The good news is that all this should be simple to rectify.


The first thing is to understand where and when you use and why you use water. You could sit down and make a list of the processes and also take simple  steps to reduce usage. However, this won't provide in depth clarity and reveal patterns of usage.


Reliable and detailed data will provide the basis for you to take effective action and also monitor the continual success of any measures implemented.


Read on to find out how to manage your water consumption.

Smart Water Meters



Automatic Meter Reading determines usage over time, identifies peaks, compares sites and correlates use with the offending equipment or personnel. It provides leak monitoring and helps leak detection and prevention.


Effective management of resources starts with understanding how you use them. Smart metering service helps you to understand and control your water consumption. Good for the environment and your bottom line.

The system helps you to spot sudden peaks or gradual increases in consumption, which can indicate leaks and reveal inefficient practices or equipment.


Research has found that metered customers use water more sparingly than unmeasured customers: people pay for what they use, value what they pay for and so tend to use less.


For more information on Smart Water Meters click here: Smart Meters



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