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Are you ready for new Water Prices in 2019

Ofwat is due to set the new wholesale price controls for water and sewage companies in the price review for 2019 (PR19). This will set wholesale price controls for water and sewerage companies between 2020 to 2025.


We don't know what the outcome will be, but it could follow the path of the Scottish Water Industry that saw prices become more competitive after the initial impact of deregulation. This would be welcome news for hard-pressed businesses in England.


The Water Services Regulation Authority, also known as Ofwat, is the water industry, economic regulator.

Do you want to target your Water consumption to reduce costs?





Businesses should have a clear understanding of when and where they use water.


Obtaining accurate data of their water usage is the first step




A Water Review is the best way to prepare. We can organise and collate your data.


Start the ball rolling with an initial assessment. We check your water usage and invoices. This will inform us of your on-site water processes and current billing structure. We identify areas of concern and validate your tariffs and other charges


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Immediate discounts will be modest, likely in the region of 1% to 5%. However, by targeting usage and unifying bills and services, it is possible to create meaningful savings.


Better Customer Service

Water users in England have voiced concern for years about customer service. A recent survey suggested that only 19% of businesses are happy with their current supplier and when informed of the pending deregulation, 74% of respondents said they would be likely to switch.



Billing issues are a common problem, with 37% of firms having experienced them, and half of them being overcharged.  Around 41% said they were satisfied with the way the issue was resolved however more than 30% of businesses don’t trust their current water supplier to put customers first.



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